Security Awareness Briefing

Ransomware, Spear Phishing, Social Engineering
Professional Training That Changes Behaviors

Meet Your Compliance Requirements Protect Your Data, Employees, & Customers

Prilock is unlike other trainings, taught by a hacker so your employees realize their value, why they are targeted, and the psychology used to trick them.

Security Awareness Training’s
Your Only Chance

Prilock created the most efficient Security Awareness Training
And delivery platform in the industry

Prilock created the most efficient delivery platform in the industry and we're passing the savings on to you!

And we're passing the savings on to you!

Prilock Security is a next generation Security Awareness Training company that provides cyber security education that impacts users and causes behavioral changes that protect them and their systems. Prilock uses the highest quality graphics, voicing talent, animations, and adult learning strategies, presented in a story based format that removes the tech talk for maximum levels of retention and change. Our lessons are not a list of cyber do's and don'ts. We teach "How to be Secure" but more importantly we show the student "Why it Matters to Them" so students understand how they are personally vulnerable both at work and home and change their online habits.

Prilock is focused on four primary areas, Security Awareness Training for small to enterprise size companies, incident response Loss Mitigation Service for breached companies, Value-Add security awareness training for major accounts with large numbers of customers, clients, or memberships, and Fundraising causes where donations can be offset with a gift item that represents high perceived value and actually provides an important service.

Traditional Practices Just Don't
Protect You Anymore


Must Have But

Symantec Senior VP for information security reports anti-virus software now only succeeds in stopping about 45% of cyber attacks.

ID Monitoring

Must Have But

Protects you after your ID is stolen. Can't stop bank transfers, wires, or people impersonating you and taking over your other accounts, such as stock, retirement, and investment.


Must Have But

New Malware finds multiple ways to penetrate your browsers, operating systems, and communications.

Let a Hacker Show You & Your Employees How To Be Safe Online

Topics Feature

  • Email Links & Attachments
  • Laptops - Safe Use
  • Social Networks
  • Insider Theft- How Caught
  • Smartphones- Safe Use
  • Phishing – How to Avoid
  • Phishing - Psychology Used
  • Business Travel Safety
  • Laptops- Safe Use
  • Strong Passwords
  • Ransomware & Backups
  • Scams & Schemes
  • How You Are Targeted
  • USB & Flash Drives
  • Safe Wi-Fi Use

Security Awareness Training
Designed for Individuals and Corporations

Prilock's proprietary Learning Management System and delivery platform provides a high quality experience every time your employees login. It works on virtually every device from desktops and laptops to smartphones and tablets, and includes gamification to reinforce lesson material for better retention. Assessment tests assure compliance with regulations or vendor requirements, and full reporting and tracking make it easy to manage your users. We update the lessons and material 4 times per year to make sure our clients are always getting the most current information on new attacks, scams, and social engineering.

The threat landscape has changed significantly in the last 4 years and your employees have to be shown the different ways they are targeted so they understand the threat level. Phishing, spear phishing, and ransomware are the current major threats, and combined or "blended" with social engineering increases the success level, until they run into an employee or person who is aware of the threat. However, as one method is brought under control with cyber education another will take its place. All your devices, programs, and connections need to be secure as hackers are now attacking smartphones, Wifi connections, social media, texts, and instant messages every day. Most people have no desire to be a computer security expert, but they also don't want to be a victim of identity theft or find their bank and retirement accounts emptied.

1. Who is it for?

Small, medium, and enterprise businesses, individuals & seniors, and anyone using a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or WiFi for email, browsing, social media, banking, or bill pay.

2. What will I learn?

How and why you are targeted, the tricks and cons used by hackers to steal from you, and important steps to take to avoid the latest in phishing, social engineering attacks, and Ransomware. Plus, we show you tips to keep your devices updated and safe from common attacks used to compromise people who don't know the basics.

3. How long does it take?

Our Security Awareness Training can be taken in parts or all at once in just under an hour. You can also go back and review any section at any time. If there are any significant developments in attacks your training will be updated at least 4 times per year.

3 Easy Steps - No Technical Talk


Takes 60 Seconds
Fully Encrypted

Step 1

Begin Briefing
Use Any Device,
Anytime, Anywhere

Step 2
Be Confident

Be Confident
Understand What's Safe and What's Not- Protect Your Privacy at Work & Home

Step 3
Gamification For Better

Gamification For Better Learning & Retention

As each lesson is completed the student is presented with the Hacker's Challenge, Prilock's custom game that presents a real world attack used every day by hackers to reinforce the lesson activities. The student starts the lessons with $140,000 in retirement and savings, if they answer correctly they can keep their money, but if the hacker tricks them he takes $10,000. Gamification is the latest in adult cognitive learning techniques, which improves comprehension and retention while making the overall experience more fun and productive.

Can you tell a phish email from a
legitimate one? see who will win,
you, or the hacker!

Phish attacks are a dominate threat to all companies and people. Over 6.1 Billion Phish emails are sent each month, all contact with your employees must be considered a threat until proven safe.

Take the Prilock Phish Test now

Take the Phish Quiz

Test Your Knowledge With
Prilock's Cyber IQ
Hack Attack

See how you do with 10 situations that every person faces, at work, home, or the coffee shop. Hackers are always trying to trick and con you into giving them your logins, passwords, and bank account access.

Test your security awareness with every day challenges. 10 quick questions, just you and the hacker - see who wins!

Challenge A Hacker

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