Data Breach Response

Prilock Security delivers a fully branded, innovative, and effective notification / next steps briefing to data breach victims within 72 hours as part of a total incident response package.

data breach response

These online digital briefings exceed compliance regulations while presenting the efforts of the breached company in the most proactive, professional, and caring way possible. A Securing Your Digital Life briefing quickly reduces client frustration and fear by showing first steps to avoid identity theft, financial account takeover, and most other Internet threats they may be exposed to as a result of the data breach. Perfect for seniors while making all your clients safer online.

Above all, it shows best efforts by the company to quickly respond and help reduce losses to customers and clients involved in a hacking or data breach incident.

Prilock Data Breach Response Solution

Securing Your Digital Life: Post Breach Briefing

  • Posted with the original announcement on the company website, $70 value - Free

  • 29 minute online briefing explaining details and next steps to stop losses to members - Immediately

  • Briefing reduces member frustrations and vulnerabilities to attack

  • Members receive a phish email test each month. If clicked, they link to an instructional “How to Avoid” page

  • State attorneys general want better support for breach victims

  • Full year of online security updates, phish testing, and scam alerts

  • Positive press demonstrates best efforts of your company to clients, attorneys general, and courts

  • Delivered and managed by a professional Learning Management System for tracking and compliance reporting

The Value of Prilock’s Data Breach Briefing

Digital Security Briefing

Posted with the original announcement on the company website, Securing Your Digital Life Briefing. A $70 value –Free to patrons. The natural evolution of notification support.

Phish Testing

For the first time, phish testing is made available to consumers. Live phish testing every month for a year to educate customers on their number one threat.

Customized Turn Key Program

Fully branded compliance briefing, next steps for proactive identity protection, computer security, and full threat avoidance.

Demonstrates Best Efforts of Breached Company

Positive press demonstrating best efforts of your company to clients, attorneys general, and courts.

One-of-a-Kind Training

Engaging briefing and instructors, full color, motion, text reinforcement, NO tech talk, for CEO's to seniors.

Organized Distribution to Clients

Coded redemption key for validation, tracking, and reporting. 72 hours for deployment.

Click Here to contact Prilock Security for both pre and post briefings that can help your company's relationship with its members, clients, or patrons.

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