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Online Security and Phish Training Company

Securing Digital Information at Home and Work

Company Profile

Prilock Security was founded in 2011 by security industry experts to provide an effective new way to train all users to avoid the evolving tricks and tactics used by hackers. Our mission is to be the low cost provider of effective digital cyber education to our constituent companies, and to help people around the world secure their identity, privacy, data and devices. The company has developed its proprietary delivery platform to provide on-demand scaling to handle enterprise level demand while also providing a seamless and smooth user experience for large surges of activity.

Prilock's trainings are assembled by security experts currently engaged in protecting some of the nation's most critical networks and systems. As such, they are exposed to the latest techniques and cons used to trick and steal access to corporate and personal computers. Today's cyber criminals are well financed, well trained, extremely smart, innovative, and adaptive. They change and modify their attacks on a daily basis, so having experts in the field allows Prilock to keep its security training on the cutting edge.

Securing Digital Information

Prilock is focused on four primary areas, Security Awareness Training for small to enterprise size companies, incident response Loss Mitigation Service for breached companies, Value-Add security awareness training for major accounts with large numbers of customers, clients, or memberships, and Fundraising causes where donations can be offset with a gift item that represents high perceived value and actually provides a tangible service.

Security Awareness Training

The Security Awareness Training represents the best of the best in current attack information and tactics, best practices, and adult cognitive learning techniques to produce one of the best and most effective learning experiences. Prilock's LMS and delivery platform provide auto-scaling abilities and efficiencies that Prilock passes down to the customers following the example of Costco Wholesale Club, highest quality products, lowest price, large scale deployment.

Loss Mitigation Incident Response

The Prilock Loss Mitigation system provides state compliant notification letters and best practice education the day a data incident goes public. This cuts weeks off the existing notification process for concerned clients or members of the breached company. Prilock's auto-scaling server system is unique in its ability to handle the potential overwhelming load that can be generated by large mega breaches affecting over 10 million people at a time. Prilock's presentation is fully branded and positions the breached company in the best light possible as proactive, concerned about the wellbeing and safety of their affected members, employees, and class. Providing immediate information on what happened, how you may be affected, and what to do now, helps the victims and the company. Helping with effective crisis communications and incident response to reduce customer frustration, churn, bad press, can potentially reduce class action damages and penalties.

Incident Response Data Breach Reputation
Incident Response Data Breach Reputation

Value-Add Service

The Prilock Value-Add product provides a fully branded, hosted, and supported solution to major companies or memberships allowing the organization to provide security awareness training and cyber education to their clients and members to help them stay safe online. In addition, it provides a unique lead generation tool in specific industries such as insurance, mortgage, financial advising, and brokerage sales industries.


And finally, Prilock's Fundraising service provides a fully branded platform and product to support worthy causes with a fresh new offering that provides high perceived value, addresses a pain point for every citizen who uses the internet, smartphones, or does business online. Prilock's Fundraising service can be used for political campaigns, public broadcasting, cancer research and crisis support to help increase donations and contributions for worthy causes.

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