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Prilock Security was founded in 2011 by cyber security industry experts to provide an effective new way to train all users to avoid the evolving tricks and tactics used by hackers. Our mission is to be the low-cost provider of effective digital cyber education to our constituent companies, and to help people around the world secure their identity, privacy, data and devices. The company has developed its proprietary Phish Simulation delivery platform to schedule, deliver, and track unlimited phishing campaigns while training users what to look for and what to avoid. Prilock has engineered its platform to auto scale in near real-time to handle enterprise level demand while also providing a seamless and smooth user experience for large surges of activity.

Securing Digital Information
Securing Digital Information

Prilock's trainings are assembled by security experts currently engaged in protecting some of the nation's most critical networks and systems. As such, they are exposed to the latest techniques and cons used to trick and steal access to corporate and personal computers. Today's cyber criminals are well financed, well trained, extremely smart, innovative, and adaptive. They change and modify their attacks on a daily basis, so having experts in the field allows Prilock to keep its security training on the cutting edge.

Prilock uses the latest technology and highest quality production techniques to make compelling and effective trainings that will engage your employees and get them talking about security like they never have before. And your users each get their own custom user page with helpful items like Best Practice download tip sheets, Send a Friend a Phish to reinforce phishing psychology, and a field to safely check their emails to see if they have been pwned or for sale in the dark web. You see, Prilock’s training is hacked and then taught by the hacker. He teaches the psychology used by hackers to get victims to open attachments and click links. A long list of Do’s and Don’ts just doesn’t work today. In addition, we take extra steps to ensure each page, each click, and each section is easy to navigate, easy to understand, and intuitive to the users, greatly reducing support requests. And that goes for the admin pages used to manage and monitor your campaigns.

Prilock offers a state-of-the-art system, with a next generation training and phish simulation testing service that can really change your users behavior, and make your company and data safer.

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