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Because Prilock uses the latest technology to enroll, deliver, track, and report your security briefings we can reduce our program costs substantially while still offering you and your employees one of the best security awareness trainings available today.

Employees learn the psychology used by hackers in phish attacks, Ransomware, and social engineering so they see the attacks before they click.

Prilock's Security Awareness Training meets federal, state, and vendor standards for a comprehensive security awareness training. You get full reporting to see who has started, their progress, and who has completed the briefing. You'll also see the final assessment scores and have full audit records for your files.

Prilock Security

Professional Security

Phishing Education &

Full Reporting and

Security & Phish
Awareness Training Features List

1 Year Licenses


50 100 200 300 400 500 1,000
Security Awareness Training Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Meets Reporting Compliance Mandates Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Admin Management Console Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automated Mailings Start, Reminders Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom User Pages - for Messaging Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Send a Friend a Phish Tool Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Full Assessment Testing & Reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


50 100 200 300 400 500 1,000
Phish Simulator Custom Admin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Phish Testing per User Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automated Phishing Campaigns Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Identify Clickers Inject Training Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to Phishing Library Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Build Custom Phish Emails Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phish Tracking Real Time Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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Frequently Asked Questions

Your team can start their training within 10 minutes of your purchase. Whether you have 10 employees or 500 it's very easy. Your purchase receipt, a personal link for your admin account, and instructions will be immediately sent to the email used to purchase the training. Click the link, create your password and once you upload or input your users you can schedule security trainings and phish campaigns.
Yes, you have total control but we recommend you run the baseline phishing campaign first to determine your starting vulnerability. Once you upload your users you can select baseline campaign and they will automatically receive 3 common and effective phish emails each over 3 days. Once you have that data we recommend you start your security training to help secure your people, followed by your phishing campaigns.
Unfortunately, our corporate plan starts at 50 licenses. Many companies will offer the extra trainings to their employee's families, vendors, contractors, and special customers. After all, learning how to be safe online helps everyone protect their identity, finances, career, and family.
Your trainings can be accessed for 1-year from the date of purchase as many times as you like. You can invite new employees, vendors, contractors, friends, or customers to take the training until the last day of your contract period. The training only takes about an hour to complete.
You can use the support chat box on our website for instant support during business hours or send us a support request from the Contact Us page on the Prilock Website you logged in on. That link is
Yes, you can run as many campaigns as you like. We recommend bi-weekly testing and increasing the difficulty of the phish throughout the year. We have created automatic campaign options that allow you to easily determine how many, and how often, your users receive their simulated phishing emails.
You will see a complete guide on how to use your admin account once you login. You can add individual people one at a time or large groups by uploading a csv worksheet with their email and contact information. The more info you provide the more effective their phishing emails will be. Download a sample csv sheet here. Once you create a training or phish campaign they will receive a welcome letter with their personal login link to the training, or simulated phish emails to test their skill. And you will see their status in your Admin dashboard.
Users in programs can go to and look to the top right corner for the login tab. It is a good idea to bookmark this page so you can easily return to review your classes. For company training administrators, you can login at If you are having trouble logging into your account: In order to login to your account you must use the email address in your welcome or notice email. If you have forgotten your password please click the Forgot My Password link on the login page and you can create a new one. If you are still having trouble logging in, clear your browsers cache and cookies. Look for the history tab on your browser toolbar menu and make sure that cookies and cache are both selected and hit clear. Refresh or reload the page and login. If you are still experiencing difficulty, please contact us via e-mail or chat.
As the administrator of the training you can see real time information on the progress of your students at any time by logging into your admin account. You can add new users, see who has been invited, not started, started and their progress, finished, and final exam scores. You can also resend invites or download reports. Remember, the admin account log in is at a different site than the users. Your Admin login is site is
Prilock’s security training meets all established training guidelines as outlined in the recent NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Cybersecurity Framework for security awareness training. Combined with our effective phishing simulator and report generation you can be assured your employees and students will be properly prepared to identify current threats to privacy, identity and data theft.

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Prilock Security

Prilock's Security Briefing consists of 7 chapters with subtopics that will take just under an hour to complete. It can be taken all at once but we recommend students take it in 10 minute sections. Each chapter is followed by a couple of questions to reinforce the lesson and keep the students involved. When they have completed the lessons the students will take a 10 question assessment on the material they covered which requires they get 80% of the questions correct to pass. They can then print their Certificate of Completion.

Full Reporting and Analytics

Prilock's Security Education Platform offers complete analytics on each employee's interaction with the system, tracking registration date, assignment date, start date, geographic location or work group, progress, assessment scores, total time, number of logins, and topics missed for enhanced training in those areas. This gives the administrator all the information they need to assess the compliance of each employee with your training objectives. It also provides a complete status report demonstrating your company's compliance with training regulations and requirements of insurance company's, regulators, and vendors.

Prilock Security

Verify Your Company and Employees Have Completed
Their Annual Security Awareness Training
with Full Reporting and Certification

Prilock Security

These days vendors, insurance companies, major clients, state and federal agencies want to know your company and employees have been trained to safely handle their information. Prilock provides complete compliance reports demonstrating your employees have been trained and passed assessment exams that confirm they understand best practices to secure data. Employees can print their certificates for their personnel files and the company can provide completion reports to any authorities that need to see them. If there ever is an incident at your company it is important that you have taken steps to train your people to reduce penalties and fines that can be assessed.

Gamification for Better Learning & Retention

Prilock uses a quick and fun game to reinforce each set of lessons. Studies show learning and retention are improved when the subject matter is presented in different ways and in applicable situations. After each lesson you are presented with 2 scenarios of actual hacker attacks. Each time the hacker wins he takes $10,000 of your money; if you do the right thing, he gets nothing. Gamification creates a focused, interactive, competitive, and immersive method to measure your new skills and progress accordingly, and it's fun to beat the Hacker at his own game!

Gamification for Better Learning & Retention

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