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Next Generation Incident Response Solution
Prilock Security delivers a fully branded, advanced, effective notification briefing to data breach victims the day the incident goes public as part of a total incident response package.

Prilock Security enhances the best incident response plan with an innovative notification system
that informs clients, reduces stress and frustration, while meeting compliance regulations.

Prilock Incident Response Solution

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Prilock digital briefings exceed compliance regulations while presenting the efforts of the breached company in the most proactive, professional, and caring way possible. A fully branded Securing Your Digital Life briefing quickly reduces client frustration and fear by showing first steps to avoid identity theft, financial account takeover, and most other Internet threats they may be exposed to as a result of the data breach. Perfect for seniors while making all your clients safer online. Above all, it shows best efforts by the company to quickly respond and help reduce losses to customers and clients involved in a hacking or data breach incident.

As data breaches become a more common occurrence, the way they are handled by the company and their incident response team comes under more scrutiny by clients, the media, and the courts. Credit monitoring is an important part of the loss mitigation process to protect your clients, but it's no longer enough. Breaches can expose clients to phish attacks, key loggers, social engineering, and waterhole attacks that monitoring just doesn't help. Only awareness of the problems can prepare your clients and customers for their futures online.

Why not turn this unfortunate experience into an opportunity to demonstrate how much their business and security matters to you? Be the company they tell their friends about that showed them how to be truly safe online. Your reputation depends on their opinion, and it's in times like these your company can show its character.

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What Your Company Does the
First 5 Days After an Incident Goes Public
Affects Everything for the Next 2 Years

Press Coverage, Customer Churn, Goodwill,
Penalties, Fines, and Lawsuits

Finally A Better Solution
That is More Cost Effective

What Your Company Does the First 5 Days After an Incident Goes Public Affects Everything
                  for the Next 2 Years

State Compliant Notification Letter Day Incident Goes Public, Position Company In Best Light, Proactive, Concerned, Helpful Instant Support & Education Reduces Potential Client Losses

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Breach Goes Public - Customers Visit Website for Info- Link to Full Explanation Video
Incident Notification Letter Delivered- Incident & Services Explained
Video Briefing Shows What to Do to Be Safe

The Customer Hacking Experience

Upset & Ready to Blame Someone

They hear it on the TV, radio, or from a friend, your company was hacked! They go to the company website to see if it's true... and it is. Another offer of ID Monitoring, more apologies, promises and instructions to check your mailbox for updates and information, but sometimes it can take weeks or months to receive that mail. In the meantime what do I do? My information is in the hands of hackers.

There was a page of instructions and links to more pages of instructions on strong passwords, phishing attacks, fake emails, social engineering scams, much of it in techno-babble? They were checking for their parents or grandparents who heard the news and worst-case scenarios but they still don't know what to do.


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