Meeting HIPAA Regulations

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires any business that handles Electronic Patient Health Information (PHI) to take reasonable steps to ensure that this information remains secure. To meet this standard, all organizations are required to comply with HIPAA regulations and must train their employees in basic HIPAA rules and standards each year. If an employee divulges sensitive information, they can compromise the integrity of your organization, which can mean negative publicity, breaches, and fines.

When you use Prilock's online HIPAA solution, you ensure that all of your employees have access to high quality learning that helps them understand why HIPAA is important and how it protects both their company and their patient's rights and confidentiality. You will have confidence that each and every employee is receiving the most advanced product training available, created by experts and instructional designers who have firsthand experience with the subject matter. You will also have assurance that the HIPAA training will address the most current information, best practices, and fulfill all complex industry mandates. Online, cost effective, repeatable, and measurable instruction that engages the learner and changes behaviors. Complete tracking and automatic report generation is available for each employee demonstrating compliance objectives are met and current.

Prilock is currently designing its state-of-the-art training to meet the compliance objectives of the HIPAA regulations while enhancing the learning experience and retention for the student.

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