Prilock Security is a next generation Security Awareness Training (SAT) company that provides cyber security education that impacts users and causes behavioral changes. Prilock has developed the latest technology to enroll, deliver, track, and report your security briefings and simulated phish testing campaigns so we can reduce our program costs substantially. This allows you to maximize your IT budgets while offering your employees one of the best next generation security awareness trainings available today.

Employees learn the psychology used by hackers in phish attacks, ransomware, and social engineering so they see the attacks before they click. With automated report analytics, you'll see final assessment scores with full audit records for your files so you always know where to focus your security resources for better compliance and security.

Prilock uses the highest quality graphics, voicing talent, animations, and adult learning strategies, presented in a story based format that removes the tech talk for maximum levels of retention and change. Combined with real world phish email tests specific to your industry, your employees get continual reinforcement increasing retention and adoption of better online habits.

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Hackers Apply Persistence & Psychology to Win…

But most courses don’t teach this. Recent data shows over 90% of successful hacking attacks started with a phishing email to steal credentials or compromise systems. If you want to protect your employees and company from Phish attacks.... Phish them first!

Is your data safe? Are your employees prepared to recognize the latest attacks targeting them? There are so many variations of ransomware, spear phishing, and social engineering, employees can never learn them all, but they can learn to recognize the psychology used to trick them. Prilock’s Cognitive Security Training uses the latest adult learning research to help employees change habits by showing them why and how they are targeted. It makes you safer, can be deployed in minutes, meets all compliance requirements, and saves you up to 60% over comparable solutions.

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In addition to unlimited phishing tests and 1-Click Setup for a full year of security
training you're trained by a hacker on these topics and how they are blended into attacks


Phishing using email, instant messaging, or text messaging is the primary way companies and people are compromised.

Smartphones & Flash Drives

As more people purchase smartphones for both personal and business use, new threats continue to emerge.

Email and Attachments

Demonstrates multiple attacks via email attachments, showing best practices when handling email and attachments.

How Cyber-Thieves are Caught

Shows employees how log files and software are used to track unauthorized access or the copying of files.

Business Travel

Closing deals and meetings are the top priorities of most business travelers, but safety should be a priority, too.

Social Network Sites

Demonstrates several attacks used on social sites including examples of past attacks and schemes.

Wi-Fi & Laptops

We adress the dangers of using public Wi-Fi, how to turn off your SSID notification, and what to watch out for with your smartphones and tablets.

Passwords & Phrases

Various attacks are used to steal login information and passwords. We demonstrate how to build strong, yet easy to remember, passwords that are difficult for hackers to crack.

Latest Scams & Schemes

Seeing the latest email, social engineering, and in-person scams prepares users in the event that they actually become a target of one.

Malware – Key Stroke Loggers, Backdoors, & Bots

A non-technical lesson showing basics of how these tools are used to steal credentials and identification, different distribution tactics, and how to remove them.

Social Engineering

Using your personal information like your shopping habits and recent social media activity against you, this tactic utilizes impersonating people or agencies that you trust in phone call and email scams.

Why You are Targeted

Until people and employees understand they have value to hackers, they won't change bad habits. What you have, who you are, and who you know, all make you a target.

Unlimited Phish Simulation Testing

In minutes, anyone in your company can setup a comprehensive Phishing Campaign. Select All or Group to target, select industry phish samples to use, how many times per month and how difficult the phish test should be. Hit submit, and watch the real-time reports roll in.

If a user is tricked by a phish they are directed to a safe landing page, shown the “Hacker Tells” they missed, and shown a short video lesson that explains the psychology of why the attack worked so they see it next time. Like a coach helping you be more confident.

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Topics Feature

Phish Testing - Social Engineering - Blended Attacks

  • Laptop Safety
  • Business Travel Protocol
  • Secure Passwords
  • Why You Are Targeted
  • Over a Thousand Phish in Library
  • Tests for Links, Attachments, Data Entry, & Macros
  • Hacker Tells Reveal Tricks Behind Phish
  • Real-Time Analytics Track User Progress
  • Ransomware & Backups
  • Malware Prevention
  • WiFi Safety
  • Identity Protection
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Learning Starts With Humans Not Systems

Prilock's approach is to first focus on "Why" employees would learn a new behavior. Most training courses fail because they tell the employee this is how you are supposed to do certain things. But that's not a good enough reason to break old habits and take more time to do something you have been doing for years a different way.

Prilock shows employees how and why "They" are the target, both at home and work and the psychology used to trick them. How "Their" lives, family, career, and finances can be affected by one mistaken click. They start the briefing engaged as we present a real world interesting story that is relevant to their lives, useful from day one, and empowering, giving them the confidence to know they can be safer. Clear knowledge, consistent lesson reinforcement with real phish testing, and review, works every time.

Give a person a fish, feed them for a day. Teach a person to recognize a hack, and protect them for a lifetime.

We Teach Employees Why They’re Targeted

They’re targeted because of where they work, who they know, or who they are connected to. To change employee behavior, they have to perceive an immediate benefit to them. It can’t be complicated and it has to be a threat they understand could affect them, or their family personally, at work and home.

Prilock’s awareness training shows them how the attacks are built and the psychology used against them so they learn to trust their instincts. All with No Tech Talk.

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Full Reporting and Analytics

Prilock's Security Education Platform offers complete analytics on each employee's interaction with the system, tracking registration date, assignment date, start date, geographic location or work group, progress, assessment scores, total time, number of logins, and topics missed for enhanced training in those areas. This gives the administrator all the information they need to assess the compliance of each employee with your training objectives. It also provides a complete status report demonstrating your company's compliance with training regulations and requirements of insurance companies, regulators, and vendors.

For the people you worry about. Show parents, grandparents, and family how to be safe online

A Full Year of Security Training & 24 Phish Tests

Safely Test With Real Phish in the Wild

  • Access Lessons for 1 Full Year
  • Receive Latest Scam Alerts and Breaking Threats with Avoidance Instructions
  • Monthly Phish Testing with Real Phish
  • Full Access to Learning Portal Resources
  • Print Certificate of Completion Upon Passing Final Assessment
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