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Corporate Lesson Synopsis

Prilock's Security Awareness training includes the latest information and analysis on current threats circulating the internet. The training is designed as if your IT director could sit with each employee and show them the threats that target them and the best practices to avoid those threats. We gather information from multiple sources, including federal, commercial, domestic, and international authorities to ensure we provide the latest information so you don't have to worry about keeping up. Since Prilock has no agreements or contracts with hardware or software vendors, we are able to offer independent solutions that best address the threat profiles. The lessons are designed to show attacks and the best practices to prevent those attacks. They can be taken all at once in under an hour, or our LMS will track the students and their progress until they complete the training and assessment tests.

Topics Feature

  • Email Links & Attachments
  • Laptops - Safe Use
  • Social Networks
  • Insider Theft- How Caught
  • Smartphones- Safe Use
  • Phishing – How to Avoid
  • Phishing - Psychology Used
  • Business Travel Safety
  • Laptops- Safe Use
  • Strong Passwords
  • Ransomware & Backups
  • Scams & Schemes
  • How You Are Targeted
  • USB & Flash Drives
  • Safe Wi-Fi Use


Phishing using email, instant messaging, or text messaging is the primary way companies and people are compromised.

Smartphones & Flash Drives

As more people purchase Smartphones for both personal and business use, new threats continue to emerge.

Email and Attachments

Demonstrates multiple attacks via email and attachments and shows best practices when handling email and attachments.

How Cyber Thieves Are Caught

Shows employees how log files and software are used to track unauthorized access or the copying of files.

Business Travel

Closing deals and meetings are the top priority of most business travelers, but safety should be a priority, too.

Social Network Sites

Demonstrates several attacks used on social sites including examples of past attacks and schemes.

Wi-Fi and Laptops

Wi-Fi is another difficult threat that needs to be addressed. We show the dangers of using public Wi-Fi, how to turn off your SSID notification, and things to watch with your Smartphones and tablets.

Passwords & Phrases

We show various attacks used to steal login and passwords, and demonstrate building strong, yet easy to remember passwords that are difficult for hackers to crack.

Latest Scams & Schemes

Seeing the latest email, social engineering, and in person scams prepares users in the event that they actually become a target of one.

Malware – Key Stroke Loggers, Backdoors, & Bots

A non-technical lesson showing basics of how these tools are used to steal credentials and identification, different distribution tactics, and how to remove.

Social Engineering

Using your personal information like your shopping habits and recent social media activity against you, this tactic utilizes impersonating people or agencies that you trust in phone call and email scams.

Why You Are Targeted

Until people and employees understand they have value to hackers, they won't change bad habits. What you have, who you are, and who you know, all make you a target.

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