Professional Data Security Awareness & Phish Training

The One Briefing That Makes Your Entire Family Safer For Years

Why Our Security Awareness Training?

Prilock's training was designed with you in mind. Most people don't want to be computer experts or listen to a bunch of technical talk.

Imagine you found out your 20 something son was an expert hacker. After the shock wore off, he might say, "Mom and dad, let me show you how to be safe online so other hackers won't bother you." That would be the best lesson you could get, and that's what Prilock has done.

Security Awareness Training

Professional Security Awareness Training

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For Your Family

A Full Year of Security Training & 24 Phish Tests

Safely Test With Real Phish in the Wild

  • Access Lessons for 1 Full Year
  • Receive Latest Scam Alerts and Breaking Threats with Avoidance Instructions
  • Monthly Phish Testing with Real Phish
  • Full Access to Learning Portal Resources
  • Print Certificate of Completion Upon Passing Final Assessment
Personal Security Gift Card
1 Year Full System Access
$69.00 $39.99

Full Year of Phish Tests Complete Security Briefing Scam and Con Alerts Certificate of Completion

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Gamification for Better Learning & Retention

Prilock uses a quick and fun game to reinforce each set of lessons. Studies show learning and retention are improved when the subject matter is presented in different ways and in applicable situations. After each lesson you are presented with 2 scenarios of actual hacker attacks. Each time the hacker wins he takes $10,000 of your money; if you do the right thing, he gets nothing. Gamification creates a focused, interactive, competitive, and immersive method to measure your new skills and progress accordingly. It's fun to beat the hacker at his own game!

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Best Protection From Hackers, Phish, And Viruses

Every day, thousands of people become victims of hackers because they don't realize how they make themselves an easy target. We'll show you the simple things to do that will protect you from their scams, tricks, and lies. You'll understand the psychology of phishing emails and social engineering, so when you get that email, phone call, or instant message you know what to do. You will take the simple steps to protect your identity, bank & retirement accounts, tax refunds, company secrets, and your privacy and personal information. It's not hard once someone explains it to you.
100% guaranteed -- you have nothing to lose, but can protect everything you worked your whole life to build.

  • Why You Are Targeted
  • Safe Online Banking, Bill Pay & Browsing
  • Email and Attachments
  • Smartphones and Flash Drives
  • Safe Wifi and Laptop Use
  • Social Network Sites
  • Privacy Protection at Work & Home
  • Phishing
  • Latest Scams & Schemes
  • Passwords & Phrases
  • Social Engineering
  • best cyber security training online Malware – Key Stroke Loggers, Backdoors, & Bots
  • How Cyber Thieves are Caught
  • Business/Vacation Travel Tips

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