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Prilock provides Digital Hacking Protection via innovative and effective training that impacts the users, and cause behavioral changes that protect them and their systems. Prilock was founded out of an unmet and rapidly evolving need to train non-IT workers on the current threat landscape to protect company Intellectual Property, customer data, and employee data from cyber theft. As hackers turn away from attacking networks to attacking users to steal their password credentials, corporate networks are no longer adequately protected by their firewalls and other perimeter defenses. If an employee is tricked by a spoofed email, finds an infected USB drive in the parking lot, or clicks a bad link, the hacker is in and behind the corporate firewalls.

Prilock's training is assembled by leading industry security experts who are currently engaged in protecting some of the nation's most critical networks and systems. As such, they are exposed to the latest techniques and cons used to trick and steal access to corporate and personal computers. Today's cyber criminals are well financed, well trained, extremely smart, innovative, and adaptive. They change and modify their attacks on a daily basis, so having experts in the field allows Prilock to keep its security training on the cutting edge. Prilock's flagship product is a Security Awareness Training that meets federal and state standards and is increasingly required by multiple organizations and agencies as a means for digital hacking protection. Prilock's web based virus avoidance and security awareness training is designed for optimum comprehension and impact for non-IT computer users. It demonstrates and instructs students in best practices to secure their laptops, smartphones, ID and Password credentials, as well as showing them actual attacks, scams and schemes used against them

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