Gauge Your Phishing Knowledge with Prilock's Phish Screening Quiz

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Know how they attack, know how to stay safe. Chances are you have received an email that seems to be from your bank, your phone company, or some social media outlet you use. Hopefully you realize that many of these e-mails are fake, called "phishing" e-mails, and they're very popular in the hacking community.

The sender of these emails usually wants you to perform an action: Click a link, visit a website, provide personal information. These links can install malware, or even take you to a login page that looks exactly like your regular banking account to pilfer your banking credentials or other login information.

Of course, not EVERY email is a phish, but how can you tell the difference? With these helpful tips, check how keen your Phish detecting skills are.


For this assessment, pretend that you are "Richard Roe" or "me" – You received the e-mail in your inbox addressed to you, and any account information should reflect that.

In the box to the right you will see a large cursor marked "Link Check" If there is a link in the email you might click first click the Link Check. This will simulate what you would see if you hovered your cursor over the link. Always check links before you click in unexpected emails. You can decide if what is displayed the "real" or a "fake" Link.

To begin click the "Take the Quiz" button below. You will see 5 random Phish emails displayed. Decide which is legitimate and which are Phish emails. When you have completed the quiz you can see your score and why the email was a phishing trick or legitimate.

Good Luck!