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Prilock knows that many businesses rely on the help of Managed Services Providers (MSP’s) to keep their systems and people preforming at their best. Security is another concern where MSP’s can take the lead to keep a Business, in business… and Prilock wants to help.

Prilock offers have the best-in-class phishing simulation and training platform that is thorough, easy to manage, and meets all compliance mandates. We teach employees the psychology behind hacker tricks, so they can recognize the trap before falling for the con.


Why Choose Prilock?

1. A System Dedicated to Helping You Manage Your Accounts

Our Partner Portal allows you see all your clients at a glance and login to any one of them with full Admin privileges and control. Pull full reports on their company or dig deep into a campaign or user with granular reporting. Our 1-Click Security Setup allows you to setup a full yearssecurity and phish training in under a minute. That includes a baseline phish test, invites to a comprehensive Security Awareness Training (SAT), and 24 3-Day, randomly scheduled phishing campaigns. The system automatically ensures your users register and complete their SAT trainings and sends reports to you and your clients at your discretion. And if a user clicks too much, downloads attachments, or shows a tendency to fail too often the system automatically enrolls them in an injection training with a special 2 to 3-minute video showing why it's important to them, and their finances to learn what to avoid.

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Top of the Line Security

2. Top of the Line Security Training at Competitive Price so You Can Grow Your Business

Prilock developed its security platform with the latest technology to automatically enroll, deliver, track, and report with real time analytics. We know you only have your time to make money and our automated platform is efficient and easy to manage, saving you timeto help more clients. Ourcompensation plan saves your clients significant money while offering you a growing ROI with each new user you add to your client list.

3. The Details

  • Our partner program requires no minimums, no fees, and no purchase agreements, and account protection
  • Prilock's Security Program can save your clients up to 60% over comparable programs
  • Manage your clients just as you currently do, maintain full control over the sales process and all communication
  • We have pre, and post, sale support as needed to help you maintain the highest standards of service with your accounts.
  • Help your current client base secure their employees and data to generate additional revenue including renewals with little time
  • Increase your margins significantly with guaranteed minimums at or above industry standards, as you build your client base and save them money
  • Contact us at 800-918-3001 and ask for our Partner Manager for more information

4. Best Simulated Phish Testing

With over a thousand phish and growing, we have phish that test links, attachments, enabled macros, and data entry, all the real threats circulating the internet. Cyber criminals are improving their craft, attempting to infiltrate systems for their own gain. Prilock's Security Awareness Training reveals how you are targetedby hackers and the psychology they use to trick and con you.

5. Top of the Line Security Training at Competitive Price

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Prilock developed the SAT with the latest technology to enroll, deliver, track, and report with real time analytics. With security breaches occurring every day and cyber criminals getting more malicious, it is important to educate people on how to secure their digital lives. One wrong click and a hacker can gain access to your entire computer, tampering life for a couple of years or more. We make our product available to all; individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. And no one can beat our price!

If you are an MSP or part of an organization that helps companies with their IT needs, contact us at 800-918-3001 and ask for our Partner Manager for more information.

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The Prilock Partner program has been designed to help MSP's, Resellers, and Consultants offer superior security and Phish testing to companies of all sizes at a competitive pricing with a great ROI. Contact us for more details and get started today.

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