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Security & Privacy Awareness Training <h4>Corporate Edition  </h4>300 Seat Licenses Valid for 1 Year from Purchase
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10 Minutes

Security & Privacy Awareness Training

Corporate Edition

300 Seat Licenses Valid for 1 Year from Purchase

Others Charge $4,800.00

Prilock’s $3,554.00

Save Over $1,968


  • Instantly Receive Your Admin Link to Easily Invite & Manage Your Users

  • Automated System, Notifies, Reminds, Tracks, & Certifies Their Completion

  • Unlimited Phish testing and training campaigns

  • Easy to build your own custom phishes or use our library of hundreds of current phishes

  • Add New Employees and Users Throughout the Year

  • Receive Latest Scam Alerts and Breaking Threats with Avoidance Instructions

  • Generate Full Compliance & Status Reports with A Single Button

  • Protect Company & Clients from Data Theft, Ransomware, & Phishing Attacks

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