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Cyber education, youth cyber education

School & Youth Cyber Educational Services

youth cyber education

School & Youth Cyber Educational Services

Prilock Cyber Safety Education For The Next Generation

Prilock believes cyber education must start with our younger generation. Every day new applications, devices, and social media sites are created and released, and it’s nearly impossible for the average parent, student, or educator to keep up with privacy and threat vulnerabilities that are associated with the new app or service. That’s where Prilock comes in.

We’ve developed and designed presentations to bridge the digital knowledge gap between parents, educators, and students. The digital knowledge gap is the difference between what the student is actually doing on their devices, and what parents and educators think they are using the devices for. 
With the daily release of new apps, it’s impossible for educators and parents to keep up with a student’s device use as they flow from one app to another, using an unspoken " This is cool, and that one isn’t anymore. "

Prilock provides real examples of the apps youth are using, and points out the good as well as the potential danger that many students aren’t aware of. All this while we demonstrate how their digital reputation is being built with each posted photo, comment, and Like. Our presentation is constantly updated to keep up with the latest changes. All topics and lessons are age appropriate.

We Offer Programs to the Following Groups:

  • Middle Schools
  • High Schools
  • Colleges
  • Faculty and Administrators
  • Parents

Some of the Topics Covered Include:

  • Managing Your Digital Reputation
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Tech Dating – Pressures and Mistakes With Technology
  • Apps – What Permissions Do They Need, and Which Ones They Don’t
  • Who Can See You... How Do They Know Where I Am
  • Finding Out Who You Are and Where You Live Is Easier Than You Think
  • Social Media – Managing Friends, Apps, Security, and Your Time
  • What You Post Now, Can Affect Your Future

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We Offer Programs to the Following Groups:

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