Security Awareness Training

If Hardware and Software Were the Answer, Cyber Crime Would Be Stopped, Not Growing

You may have a solid firewall, great IPS/IDS system, and have even installed a good URL filter. Your perimeter defense is as hardened as you can make it, virtually impenetrable. However, hackers have turned to easier ways to get behind your layered defenses. Today your employees are the easy way to reach your company secrets and data. You've given them the keys to the company network. They are behind your firewall and have trusted access to much of your network. They are also usually the least trained in cyber security. Providing simple steps to avoid exposing themselves, and the company, to hackers' tricks and cons is becoming more and more crucial.

All it takes is one spoofed email or IM, a spear phish attack using info they posted on Facebook or LinkedIn, a bug or app on their smartphone, an intercept of their laptop WiFi signal, a planted virus on an innocent looking USB drive, or even attacking their home computer to install a key logger and capture their company network login credentials. These attacks are successful EVERY DAY in the largest and most protected companies on the Fortune 1000, and even the government. The Pentagon was breached by an infected USB drive found in the parking lot by an employee. Google was compromised by a spoofed instant message link. And the Zeus Banking Trojan continues to drain over $10Million a week from US businesses and personal accounts. Prilock Security Awareness Training shows your employees actual attacks including the latest schemes and scams.

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